a little innocent baby ..... those in need of prayer

support local children's medical missions .


a little baby is on seizure like meds due to abuse. pray for the mother, the grandmother,and the little girl. she is so very very beautiful.

when she was born - she had long beautiful curly black hair. i showed her birth picture to everyone. a new baby in our family. then in later months i heard the news. for months i wanted to cry just from the thought. some things are just a little bit too much.

i know mY KING is in control. this is one of those things i respectfully and humbly ask why. that question is addressed a little in one of the earlier post.

im an old man, and still so many things in life i dont understand.

i will write more soon. i truly thank you for listening. peace and blessings to you
updated Aug 16th,2009
some things in life we cannot understand Jun 30, 2009
some things only our Heavenly FATHER knows. when we ask HIM 'why' or 'how long' - then ask: 'help me to listen to YOU and be patient'. 'help me to live for YOU, love YOU, and show my love by obeying' 'help me to have a quiet listening ...


Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, protect these children. watch over them. And Heavenly Father let thy will be done. most Merciful Lord, let thy will be done. in Jesus name, our blessed King, by the power of the Blood i pray. Amen.

papa hiirm said...

Amen. HE hears our prayers, and is holding our hand.

Anonymous said...

it is a virtue to be patient...and we must obey. it is what He commands us to do.

children's inner city medical missions .......... giving their voices to the world

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