i love this picture

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i saw the sweet little roaches*
and the rats,
the cats and the bats,
the piggys and the hogs,
the fleas and the dogs,
all sleeping together

in my bed,
which sits by the slow burning log !!
its so cold ... i saw the squirrels eating their walnuts
with hot sauce.

its so cold ... the mice were wearing their cheese
instead of eating it.
its so cold ... ole man winter had to borrow my coat.
its so cold ... granny was trying to wear the mice for earmuffs.
its so cold ... grandpa was trying to wear the cats for shoes
the mice were amused, and the cats refused,
while the hogs and the dogs were laughing
and singing
its really really cold !!!

but you can be bold,

let oUR Heavenly FATHER
warm youR insides and souls !!


* a little word about roaches - i do not like them, but they are one of oUR Heavenly FATHER 's invincible unconquerable -TRue !! i think their little bodies can withstand a neuclear war!!! i will blog on this one day!! and the rat - earthy, yet bright and charming like Mickey Mouse!! ENOUGH SAID.LOLOLOOOoooo

*its so cold from papa hiirm and the kids

this writing came from us

just sitting around the table

before during and after sunday dinner

making up jokes about the coldness

WILD WACKY LAUGH ! Fun Joy !! Heaven's JOY !!!

this is our first video .. thank you uncle hiram and cousin richard !!

12/17/09 .. 1 minute 40 seconds long !!


the sound of rain


this is nice !!

a rainstorm created by a human chorus
september 6,2009
invite your friends to hear the sound of rain .. it is so beautiful
Psalm 68:9 O Most Holy, you appeared and shook the ground. the heavens poured down plenty of rain! YOU, oUR Heavenly FATHER gave our worn-out land strength. YOUR children lived in the land. And YOU gave them riches from heaven. YOU gave to the poor. YOU provided all our needs! Psalm 68:8-10

support local children's medical missions .


why did the chicken cross the road and other shorts

(support children's medical missions .

why did the chicken cross the road?!
... ... because she saw papa hiirm with no teeth

why did the rooster cross the road?!
... ... because he saw papa hiirm with no teeth

why did the rooster, and the chicken, and the chicks cross the road?!!!
... ... because they saw papa hiirm 'with teeth' !!!!!!

And they all came out to meet him!!!!!
(i know someone that really laughs like this - sister talKeeteeTalk - over 90 years old - she can talk all day and night, loves children and talked to them all day. now guess what she did for a living?! .lol ..... a school teacher .... ....... this will probably be me - singing all day - ...... 'hmmmm, they have some blue pants on and they are too tight, hmmm .... lolollll)

Acts 28:23
they came to learn more about HIM


Iceland Kids and the Lava Falls

Lava Falls

these photos were taken before volcano erruption
Iceland horses 
by gunnisal


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written 02/16/2010 08:14 PM
oUR Heavenly FATHER
will open doors for you
that no man can close!
HE is the Blessed Merciful WayMaker!
by the Power of HIS LOVE,
oUR Prince of Peace,
HE will make a way for you !!
mY fRIENDS, do not doubt,
HE Cares for you !!
He can make a way out of no way !!
HE takes great care of mE ! . i asked HIM 'why do YOU take such great care of mE, i dont understand!?' . feels like my grandparents r living

HE makes my feel like my grandparents r still living and caring for me .. mY Heavenly FATHER !!

Hii, oUR Heavenly FATHER will make a way for yOU ! mY friend,do not doubt, HE Cares for yOU & mE 

oUR Heavenly FATHER, oUR PRECURSOR and PROCURSOR.ATOR! HE precedes, receives, & Procedes - with Love Care &Grace!

oUR HeavenlyFather,The WAYMAKER,oUR PROCURSOR.ATOR!HE precedes, receives,&Procedes-with Love Care &Grace! .pa @hiirm

HE Cares for yOU & mE !oUR Heavenly FATHER opens doors that no man can close. the Merciful WayMaker!

our Heavenly FATHER can open doors that no man can close. HE is the Blessed Merciful WayMaker! HIS Love is Deep and Beautiful!  

******* ******* *******
from -- Emperor_Bob @tweet_peace What doors would that be?
from -- Emperor_Bob @tweet_peace What doors would that be?

What doors would that be? .frm @Emperor_Bob <.hii frm pa! .. the doors of #LOVE .the doors of #HOPE .the doors #JOY . #FUN with fRIENDS !!

#FUN with fRIENDS !! .. i -so much fun tonight !! .now its10pm. .. i hv to be up at 5am and in the mountain hospital by 7am. #iamblessed

#iamblessed to have you ! ..... frm papa hiirm . @HEhearsmE & yOU !! HE CARES .THE NAME .oUR Commander of Heaven's army Cares !!!

from - Emperor_Bob @tweet_peace Those are all doors I open daily and are open for anyone that seeks them. Those aren't the exclusive province of any God.

@Emperor_Bob u r right! but for mY #life,4 mY #soul -i want mY Heavenly FATHER's Love .not my mother's grandmother's or grt grt granny's lol

@Emperor_Bob that's the beautiful thing about the KING i serve .HE created mE to have choices ,in HIS image. HE didnt create mE as a robot

@Emperor_Bob .... i choose HIS Love .. HE makes mE feel like my grandparents r live and taking care of mE!

@Emperor_Bob .. my grandparents took great care of me. my father died when i was vry young. and my mother was sick.

@Emperor_Bob my grandparents showed me what real love is.

not just any god!!
@HEhearsmE and you !! HE put that inside all men .. the ability to talk to HIM

mY Heavenly FATHER,

from -- Emperor_Bob @tweet_peace so for you HIS love has opened those doors for YOU. That's not the same as saying that only HIS love can open those doors.

to -- @Emperor_Bob HUh !? .lolooooiefkikookikeekioo lolololololoooo

that is too deep 4 me .lololoooo !!! > @Emperor_Bob so for you HIS love has opened those doors for YOU. That's not the same as saying th..

@Emperor_Bob u r a very deep philosophicalllyful thinker !! .. my poor little feeble mind cannot grasp your #bigness !!

@Emperor_Bob i try tell my very beatiful soft spoken wife, 6 kids,7grndkids,2 greatgrndkids -in whatever you do .. try find true happiness !

@Emperor_Bob sometimes im sad, especially when im trying to help an abused child. mY Heavenly FATHER tells me how to lift both our spirits!

@Emperor_Bob i have so much love encamped around me. and i luv u! i hope you have true #joy in all you do !! #peace !!! frm a thnkful papa!

mY spirit-filled loving Twitter family -i luv you. i luv u with all the love mY Mericful Heavenly FATHER has given mE ! #Peace #Joy #Fun 2 u

our Heavenly FATHER can open doors that no man can close. HE is the Blessed Merciful WayMaker! HIS Love is Deep and Beautiful!

from -- kaplan_ RT @tweet_peace: oUR Heavenly FATHER can open doors that no man can close. HE is the Blessed WayMaker! HIS Love is Deep and Beautiful!

my grandparents also said 'dont wish away your time' .. frm pa> .. @shelms06 Bio The secret to Life is not to rush through it

HE Cares for yOU & mE !oUR Heavenly FATHER opens doors that no man can close. oUR Joyous WayMaker!

from -- R @Emperor_Bob Thank(s) @tweet_peace @worldsprophecy for pleasant and civil discussion of faith & religion. Best wishes to you and yours.

Jordan River, so Deep and Beautiful, i will cross over into holy campground, by HIS Love! .. frm @pahiirm @HEhearsmE

oUR Heavenly FATHER's Love is also Deep and Beautiful ......... frm @pahiirm ... @HEhearsmE and you, @tweet_peace and joy!

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the day i called the police on the teens
written February 17, 2010 4:36 pm

The day I called the police oNmy teens.they were playing in car.I said come out.theyDIDNOT.idid not yell.iSIMPLYcalled THEpolice!

My teensCAME inTHE house. kindaLOUDLY said 'why did u call the police'! I didn't say a word & rolledOVER on COUCH.slept.lolooo

I know my teens (grandkids) said 'this man is Crazy' .lololooo. I'm olden and I'm papa hiirm @hiirm !!!

i try hard not to yell at any of them .. this is hard to do .lol. ... i ask mY Heavenly FATHER - help me to be quick to listen and a good listener, slow to speak, and slow to anger (James chapter 1 - think around verses 19 or 20).

Ephesian 6 - kids obey parents and parents dont foolishly drive kids to anger!

(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .

for health questions or family advice - you can post here or email - answering questions - assisting is what ive been doing combined for over 60 years

i wonder who these people could possibly be?!! hmmm .lol.
support local children's medical missions .
comments from:


I AM writing this because i watched a man today make harsh decisions about his infected hand .. one of his decisions was 'WE CAN TAKE YOUR ARM' .. translation - if our next treatment does not work 'we can cut your arm off if you like!' ... he was told this in a very heartless way .. by one of his doctors.
i stood beside him and silently prayed. i asked mY Heavenly FATHER for something pleasant to say to this man .. after that doctor had talked so rudely to him.
we talked about the countryside .. fishing and wild turkeys. while coming home i asked mY Heavenly FATHER what can a person do that gotten an infection from surgery.
an hour later after taking pictures of funny turkeys in the house and old picture of myself from days gone by ... way .. then sitting down and blogging about and finally writing about the fountain of youth .... IT CAME TO ME .. WHAT CAN PATIENTS DO THAT would lessen their chances of infection ... DIET .. THEIR DIET .. WHAT THEY EAT !!
i tell my kids eat lots of fruit and vegetables .. stay far far away from spicey foods .. try to eat bland foods ... (ANY QUESTIONS .. LET ME KNOW) .. rice soup .. ect ....

NOVEMBER 26,2009 .. i have heard older people talk about using honey to heal wounds. then i saw this on my blog .. Manuka Honey USA
Superior Active Manuka Honey as natural Wound Care Dressing

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oscar mayer gives away free hotdogs !!

its a true story about Oscar Mayer

chicken hotdogs ..

i have been saving the wrapper forever.

i will tell you later ..

when i can remember the

.... im olden.lolololllll

..Oscar Mayer Free Franks Coupon Latest Food Freebie to Excite the ... May 20, 2009 ... Oscar Mayer Fast Franks - Premium Beef Franks Food Product Review ... Now if Kingsford would just give away free charcoal, we'd be ready! ...

- Cached - Similar -Oscar Mayer Gives out Free Hot Dogs! May 20, 2009 ... So, what prompted the great bologna maker to give its products away for free? Oscar Mayer hot dogs recently won a national taste test. ... › Finance Blog › News - Cached - Similar -Free Oscar Mayer franks a mouse click away Oscar Mayer, a unit of Northfield-based Kraft Foods Inc., began giving away free coupons online for its all-beef hot dogs at 8 A.M. Central Time Wednesday. ... › Events - Cached -

(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL
.. tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .

picture is from


Who can put a rainbow in the sky!? I can't ! .. oUR Holy KING can !! And HE Loves uS !!! And Heaven will be worth it all !!!

one of the grown kids called me and said 'i see 2 rainbows in the sky together!' .. he said 'that's a good sign' ..
his wife was just coming out of emergency surgery and he was picking up the kids. my little niece was in the car with me .. she said 'that a sign of peace !!'
yes !! peace !!

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penny and diane saysong - my 2 little cousin angels !! blessings to them .. making heaven oUR home !!!

i am blogging today !!! .. with my new phone !!!
that i secretly want to take back to the store because i am thinking about the money and im trying to find ways to justify the cost like i can download pics but im wondering why didnt i just get a battery for my $5 phone that i could drop a lot and i know i cannot drop this phone too much because then it will be dead like my last expensive phone and ok imma done.lololollolllloooo
i have been asking mY Heavenly FATHER to give me a reason to blog. last night i told the two girls i would put their pictures on the internet!

i found a great way to use my new phone. i can easily download pictures!! i do not have to be tech savy to do this. which is good because i am olden.lololololoolloooolol !!!

last night they were singing to me. their songs prayers and bible reading will get me to heaven. these are the kind of people i love being around. i do not care about the ages .. 0 to 150 years old.

wE are here
to help each other
in making heaven oUR home.
we are here
to help each other
have Peace Love and Joy !!!
Blessings to you !!!!!

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Uploaded on June 5, 2006 Mountain school   North of Laos. While hiking, we had the pleasure to visit a school in a remote mountain area of Laos. It was a wonderful experience.  .. by Claudio Ramirez   
from papa hiiRm - this is one of the best pictures from LAOS i have seen !!!

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Twelve steps
to a healthy pregnancy
Prenatal vitamins
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Prenatal vitamins
Prenatal vitamins are vitamin supplements intended to be taken before and during pregnancy and during postnatal lactation. Although not intended to replace a healthy diet, prenatal vitamins provide women of child bearing age with nutrients recognized by the various health organizations including the American Dietetic Association[1] as helpful to for a healthy pregnancy outcome.
Prenatal vitamins are similar to other multivitamins, but do contain different amounts of specific nutrients to better suit the needs of an expecting mother. Vitamins such as folic acid, calcium[2] and iron[3] are in higher concentrations while nutrients such as Vitamin A are reduced to reflect the current understanding of the role that these compounds play in fetal development.
The increase dosage of folic acid[4] or folates refects the American Dietetic Associations position that women should consume “400 μg per day of synthetic folic acid from fortified foods (cereals and other grains), supplements or both, in addition to consuming folate from foods in a varied diet.” [1] Often prenatal vitamins also have a reduced dosage of vitamins that may be detrimental to the fetus when taken in high doses (such as Vitamin A).[5] Prenatal vitamins are available both over the counter in retail stores as well as by prescription from medical professionals. Although prescription vitamins are often covered by insurance, the relative potency of prescription-grade products are typically not significantly different than those available through retail. Differences in prescription versus retail vitamins do however exist in consistency and quality level, as well as the relative bioavailability of some specific ingredients. For example, many prescripton prenatal vitamins will contain a more bioavailable form of folate; 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) also known under the brand Merck pharmaceutical brand, Metafolin.[1]
Many women have difficulty tolerating prenatal vitamins or experience constipation as a result of the high iron content. Due to tolerance challenges, the prenatal vitamin industry has developed a multitude of dosage forms to meet the needs and tolerances of expecting mothers. The most common form of prenatal vitamin is the compressed tablet which is available through all channels and at various quality levels. Category leaders such as Ther-Rx [6] utilize this as the dosage form of choice. Other organizations within the category offer products in a variety of dosage forms such as liquids, prenatal vitamin soft chews,[7] vitamin chewables, and even jellied prenatal vitamins.
In addition to the actual vitamin, many prenatal manufacturers have chosen to include the omega-3 fatty acid, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in their product, either as an ingredient in the formula, or as a complementary softgel pill. Although explicitly in many formulas to support neural development, the omega-3 fatty acids are used by both mother and fetus to create the phospholipid bilayer that makes up the cell membrane.[citation needed]
[edit] References
^ a b "Position of The American Dietetic Association: Nutrition and Lifestyle for a Healthy Pregnancy Outcome - American Dietetic Association".
^ "Prenatal vitamins: OK for women who aren't pregnant? -". Retrieved 2008-01-01.
^ "Compliance with prenatal vitamins". Retrieved 2008-01-01.
^ "Prenatal Vitamins".
^ "Vitamins and Minerals - March of Dimes". Retrieved 2008-01-01.
^ "Ther- Rx".
^ "Prenatal Vitamin Soft Chew".
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by Amsterdamned! 
no words needed by Amsterdamned

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those in need of prayer

please don't forget me today
Uploaded on October 12, 2007 by carf

support local children's medical missions .
Those in need of prayer. Please share this list with others from the goodness of your heart. Add them to your prayerlist (your personal prayer list with your Heavenly FATHER, Ancient of Days, I AM Jirah -all providing, I AM Rapha -all healing, the KING of Glory, the Prince of Peace, the Son of man, the churches of God Acts20.28, churches of ChristRomans16.16, the temple of God, the body of Christ, the Great I AM, the FATHER of Light and Wisdom which all goodness comes from James1, THE JUDGE by HIS Will we do this or that book of James, the FATHER of Light ...ความสว่าง ....प्रकाश ضوء gifts of the rivers James1.16-18, the Commander of heaven’s army Psalms24, my Shepherd i shall not want surrounded by goodness and mercy in my FATHER’S HOUSE forever and ever Psalm23.
Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.John 14:1-3 (in Context) John 14 (Whole Chapter) ...
mY best friend JESUS, wants us to have a peaceful heart so wE can see oUR Heavenly FATHER with oUR spiritual eyes! all these prayers - leave them at HIS FEET. ...
Matthew 11:28Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.Matthew 11:27-29 (in Context) Matthew 11 (Whole Chapter)
everything i need to know about the kids,
mY Heavenly FATHER lets me know.
taking care of the sick -
HE tells me what they need !!
it feels like 'sometimes, not' HE gives me a little bit of their sickness so that i will know how to treat the problem. this also aplies to their social wellbeing.
#pray4 Heavenly FATHER, by YOUR Word, we pray over the medicines being taken and medical staffs around the world. ... and the leaf thereof for medicine. Ezekiel 47:11-13 #HERBS .. I LOVE HERBS !! .. frm papa @hiirm @HEhearsmE Ezekiel 47:11-13

Heavenly FATHER, Blessed be YOUR NAME, by the Power of YOUR Word, please help a teenage girl that is in a rage, she has been orphaned and abandoned, now living with family, also help her brothers, sisters, and cousins. Heavenly FATHER in YOUR Blessed Son's Name, Mercy, Peace, Love
hiirm Heavenly Father, by YOUR Word, help us to trust YOU -balancing time for prayer/study of WORD, then love/care -ourselves &others . @hiirm @HEhearsmE John 1:1-3
hiirmPray4 Very sweet girl, now in the world of drugs abusive.relationship teen.motherhood . Her parents -wealthy.clueless .
pray for troops around the world - working towards peace
another very sweet little girl (around 10yo) this girl is very smart. she cleans the house without being asked. she takes time in teaching her younger family schoolwork. ** she is being harrassed by older family. and very little support. she very devout in prayer. so rare for me to see in someone her age!!

hiirmat 9 pm monday, i -old man took a girl to the store to buy milk.cereal. No 20yo would take her.SAD! strange world.need prayer

hiirmPeace add 15yo and family to all your prayer list.

hiirmPray4 a young man's anger problem. He - oldest is verbally abusive to sisters. Now older sister cursing alot. Sept 2, girl ran away!

hiirmPray for the homeless . and pray for me . sometimes i have the same mentality . very true !!

hiirmyoUR #prayers are worth more than any amount of #money! #pray4 yng missionaries that lost money with kids

hiirmwe are losing far more kids to crime and drugs than deaths in OUR WAR . pray4 OUR TROOPS!

hiirmpray4 little baby with gender identity problem .. and baby with blood from kidneys

hiirm #pray4 young missionaries that lost money with kids .. i dont want them to get discouraged
huge week for me -medical/inner city work. papa @hiirm .. please keep us in prayer .. prayerlist at @HEhearsmE and SEPT 28, 2009

hiirm Pray for our youth around the world !!



frm brad - the doctor said im not over-weight, im just under-tall .. im the perfect weight for 12 feet .. Goliath aint got nothing on me !

(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .



(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .

** THIS POST IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION . LOLloloololooooooo ... and it is a real post and published !!! **
Wednesday .. February 10, 2010
HEhearsmE oUR Heavenly FATHER will make a way for yOU !! mY friend, do not doubt, HE Cares for yOU and mE ..
oUR Heavenly Father, The WAYMAKER, oUR PRECURSOR and PROCURSOR.ATOR !! HE precedes, recieves, and Procedes -- with Love Care and Grace !! ... pa @hiirm

oUR Heavenly FATHER
will make a way for yOU !!

HE is the WAY MAKER !!

HE hears mE when i pray .. and HE hears you !!! HE hears you! child so small, watch and pray. believe in LOVE, HOPE and GRACE. oUR Heavenly FATHER will make a way, for yOU each and every day!

(spoken) oUR Heavenly FATHER

(sung) will make a way some how ----
Oh- , my- , fRIEND -- don’t doubt ----

All you have to do is call__ HIM !!

(spoken) oUR Heavenly FATHER

(sung) will make a way some how_____


oUR Heavenly FATHER is The WAY MAKER!! ..

HE can make a way out of no way, ……

by .. HIS .. Love!!

Yes HE will, amen amen amen



Death toll goes up in China earthquake

CNN - 3 days ago
By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) -- The death toll rose to 2192 in the massive earthquakethat struck China this month, state media reported on Saturday. ...
China Asks Monks to Leave Quake Area‎ - New York Times
China earthquake: day of mourning‎ - Christian Science Monitor
The Associated Press - The Guardian
all 1497 news articles »

News results for tornado in mississippi April 25, 2010

Saturday, a massive tornado ripped through Mississippi and did most of its damage to Yazoo City and killed 10 people, three of which were children. ... - 2600 related articles »

  1. Mississippi Tornado Video | The Inquisitr

    Crews are now working to repair power in the cities of Jackson and Magee. Mississippi Tornado: Magee The first tornado hit in Magee -- ... continue ... - Cached

  2. Mississippi Tornado Kills Six, Injures Many (Video) » Right Juris

    Apr 24, 2010 ... Mississippi Tornado Kills Six, Injures Many (Video) is a developing story so check back for updates. Our thoughts and prayers are with those ... - 22 hours ago

  3. Video: Death and destruction from tornado in Mississippi - Video ...

    Apr 25, 2010 ... Video: Death and destruction from tornado in Mississippi - At least ten people died yesterday when a deadly tornado ripped through ... - 1 hour ago

  4. Death and destruction from tornado in Mississippi Video - WittySparks

    Apr 25, 2010 ... At least ten people died yesterday when a deadly tornado ripped throughMississippi and 30 twisters swept through the South. - 2 hours ago

EARTHQUAKES (SEE MORE ARTICLES AT BOTTOM OF PAGE) death-toll-mounts-as-haitians-come-to-grips

(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .
... this is totally not what i had planned on blogging about.lolLOLollll ......... But im so glad im blogging about something. i have a notebook and scraps of paper full of things i want to blog about. i was sitting the the doctors office (taking someone) and started writing. May oUR Heavenly FATHER bless uS with Peace, Mercy, and Joy !! sooooo here we go !!!!! .........
4 laughing babies !! ...
4 laughing babies !! ...
4 laughing babies !!
Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.Proverbs 17:21-23 (in Context) Proverbs 17 (Whole Chapter)
LAUGHTER - this is my medicine !! stronger than any pain pill on the market
Free Free Free .. I love free stuff .. free food .. free tickets, free clothes, free toys, free electronics .. IT HAS HAPPENED .. I shop daily .loll. so many kids !!

AND mY home in heaven is paid for !!!

mY olders kids had even given me a house with free upkeep !! ... I believe in investing my time and monies in people. I tell my children – save $3 a week in a safe stock and bonds program or thrift program. In a few years you will have thousands. ..... I did this when I was 20 years old. At 24 I was able to buy a 4,000 square foot . 18 room home …... And then came the kids.lolLOLolll.
this home I bought – I was drawing a home like it when I was 17 years old. People joked and made fun of me. They would say ‘you built that house yet?!!’ – then they laughed. … at 24 years old, I was buying my home with no co-signer!
mY Heavenly Father even blessed us with the home I had been drawing. oUR first year in the home was free!! .. we rented out part of the house. The home had a loft styled apartment with 10 foot ceilings, so we stayed there. …
tell yOUR Heavenly FATHER specifically what you want. And tell if its not good for you, ‘PLEASE DON’T GIVE IT TO ME!! .LOLlOLOLlololl
old song ‘Call HIM up and tell HIM what you want .. Jesus is on the main line, tell Him what yOU want !!’
there have been personal bad habits in my life (from teen years) that I thought would be with me until I was 80 or 90 years old. When I finally surrendered, some were removed in my 20's and more were removed in my 40’s !! .. i have peace !!!
making myself accountable (confessing my mistakes to elders and mY Heavenly FATHER) really made the difference. James chapt 5 - very powerful chapter on prayer. yOUR prayers by the power of HIS Word can move mountains !!
KIDS and HORSES !! ... I found some information about KIDS and HORSES !! I saw someone twitter about this and prayed over the tweet. This morning I was taking my little mother - granny (which is more senior than I am .LOLLolol) to the doctor.

What did I see, ... A magazine with pages about kids and horse riding!!

I will list the URL’s and maybe yall can ask them about organizations in your city !! ... for kids with chronic
and life-threatening illenesses .. ... they offer indoor riding ... they offer therapeutic riding .. !!
Heavenly FATHER, by YOUR Word,
bless us with Peace, Joy, and Mercy !!
oct 5,2009 - when i posted this, ... i was hoping this could give you some ideas. i cant remember who you are now :im olden.lololol: .., but hopefully later i will post your tweet!!

in East Tennessee, we have a very strange petting zoo. it sits far back into the hills. this petting zoo has exotic animals!!

oUR Heavenly FATHER is blessing you !!


Derrion Albert (I will have to look up his name – im blogging from the hospital).
The kids and I were playing around with YOUTUBE looking for funny videos. A kid clicked on popular videos.

Derrion Albert's mother said 'nobody cares'

:our children are dying everyday: ... ...

@HEhearsmE ... papa @hiirm ... pahiirm ... ...

Derrion Albert's Beating Death Captured on Video in Chicago
Sep 28, 2009 ... Police in Illinois charge three teenagers with first-degree murder after an amateur video shows a 16-year-old boy being beaten to death in a -
a sponser of video Tide Loads of Hope
Apr 1, 2009 ... Learn how Tide Loads of Hope helps provide clean clothes and comfort to families affected by -

Sep 28, 2009 ... If you recognize anyone in this video, please contact the Chicago Police Dept. at - 312 - 747 - 8272Chicago - Bond was denied Monday -
Outrage: Chicago honors student beaten to death
PoliGazette (blog) - Michael van der Galien
 - ‎Sep 29, 2009‎
The graphic video of the afternoon melee emerged on local news stations over the weekend, showing the fatal beating of Derrion Albert, a sophomore honor ...
National educator criticizes federal budget cuts for kids
Akron Beacon Journal - John Higgins - ‎Sep 30, 2009‎
Cell-phone footage shows a group of teens kicking and striking Derrion Albert with splintered railroad ties after the sophomore left school Thursday, ...
2016 Olympics: Did Derrion Albert Beating Footage Kill Chicago's ...
CBS News - Ryan Smith - ‎1 hour ago‎
... brutal beating death of Chicago honor student Albert Derrion and if the carnality of the 16-year-old's slaying may have played a role in their decision. ...

Video: Olympic Decision Stuns Chicagoans
 The Associated Press
Chicago, Obama, the Olympics, and the murder of Derrion Albert OpEdNews
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... dead continues today after Tuesday's earthquake and tsunami in the Samoas. ... MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Two families of five are among the dead in the ...9&10 News - 1635 related articles »
A Filipino immigrant was among those killed by a destructive tsunami that hit the Samoa Islands in the South Pacific on Tuesday (before dawn Wednesday in - Cached - Similar -
A tsunami that wiped out entire villages in Samoa has killed at least 155 people in the South Pacific, officials said Thursday, adding the toll could rise - Cached - Similar -
Sep 30, 2009 ... Typhoons in the Philippines and Vietnam, Earthquake in Indonesia, Tsunami in Samoa Heighten Need for Disaster Relief
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i pray for his family
and all kids like him.
pray for our youth !!
oUR Heavenly FATHER's Mercy
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Oct 10, 2009

a happy smiling picture !!

blessings !!!

(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .

children's inner city medical missions .......... giving their voices to the world

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