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please don't forget me today
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support local children's medical missions . http://papahiram.blogspot.com/
Those in need of prayer. Please share this list with others from the goodness of your heart. Add them to your prayerlist (your personal prayer list with your Heavenly FATHER, Ancient of Days, I AM Jirah -all providing, I AM Rapha -all healing, the KING of Glory, the Prince of Peace, the Son of man, the churches of God Acts20.28, churches of ChristRomans16.16, the temple of God, the body of Christ, the Great I AM, the FATHER of Light and Wisdom which all goodness comes from James1, THE JUDGE by HIS Will we do this or that book of James, the FATHER of Light ...ความสว่าง ....प्रकाश ضوء gifts of the rivers James1.16-18, the Commander of heaven’s army Psalms24, my Shepherd i shall not want surrounded by goodness and mercy in my FATHER’S HOUSE forever and ever Psalm23.
Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.John 14:1-3 (in Context) John 14 (Whole Chapter) ...
mY best friend JESUS, wants us to have a peaceful heart so wE can see oUR Heavenly FATHER with oUR spiritual eyes! all these prayers - leave them at HIS FEET. ...
Matthew 11:28Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.Matthew 11:27-29 (in Context) Matthew 11 (Whole Chapter)
everything i need to know about the kids,
mY Heavenly FATHER lets me know.
taking care of the sick -
HE tells me what they need !!
it feels like 'sometimes, not always.lol' HE gives me a little bit of their sickness so that i will know how to treat the problem. this also aplies to their social wellbeing.
#pray4 Heavenly FATHER, by YOUR Word, we pray over the medicines being taken and medical staffs around the world. ... and the leaf thereof for medicine. Ezekiel 47:11-13 #HERBS .. I LOVE HERBS !! .. frm papa @hiirm @HEhearsmE Ezekiel 47:11-13

Heavenly FATHER, Blessed be YOUR NAME, by the Power of YOUR Word, please help a teenage girl that is in a rage, she has been orphaned and abandoned, now living with family, also help her brothers, sisters, and cousins. Heavenly FATHER in YOUR Blessed Son's Name, Mercy, Peace, Love
hiirm Heavenly Father, by YOUR Word, help us to trust YOU -balancing time for prayer/study of WORD, then love/care -ourselves &others . @hiirm @HEhearsmE John 1:1-3
hiirmPray4 Very sweet girl, now in the world of drugs abusive.relationship teen.motherhood . Her parents -wealthy.clueless .
pray for troops around the world - working towards peace
another very sweet little girl (around 10yo) this girl is very smart. she cleans the house without being asked. she takes time in teaching her younger family schoolwork. ** she is being harrassed by older family. and very little support. she very devout in prayer. so rare for me to see in someone her age!!

hiirmat 9 pm monday, i -old man took a girl to the store to buy milk.cereal. No 20yo would take her.SAD! strange world.need prayer

hiirmPeace http://hiirm.blogspot.com/ add 15yo and family to all your prayer list.

hiirmPray4 a young man's anger problem. He - oldest is verbally abusive to sisters. Now older sister cursing alot. Sept 2, girl ran away!

hiirmPray for the homeless . and pray for me . sometimes i have the same mentality . very true !!

hiirmyoUR #prayers are worth more than any amount of #money! #pray4 yng missionaries that lost money with kids

hiirmwe are losing far more kids to crime and drugs than deaths in OUR WAR . pray4 OUR TROOPS!

hiirmpray4 little baby with gender identity problem .. and baby with blood from kidneys

hiirm #pray4 young missionaries that lost money with kids .. i dont want them to get discouraged
huge week for me -medical/inner city work. papa @hiirm .. please keep us in prayer .. prayerlist at @HEhearsmE and http://hiirm.blogspot.com/ SEPT 28, 2009

hiirm Pray for our youth around the world !!


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for all their needs, but please take that ugly picture away!!!! pleaseeeee

Gloria Ives said...

Pray for college kids navigating independence and time management. Pray for the parents who worry about them. Pray that today, we may see with the Eyes of Christ, hear with the ears of Christ and Feel with the Heart of Christ.

papa hiirm said...

thank you greatly for your prayer request!! i would love 10,000 more prayer request like this. thanks so much.

papa hiirm said...

the picture on prayerlist blog .. i love the caption on the picture. and i love the expression. i love the look of innocence. .. in mY Heavenly FATHER's Eyes i am perfect and i want HIM to remember me everyday and forever. i want my family and friends to keep me in prayer daily. i want the heart of a child. Heaven is mY HOME !!!

children's inner city medical missions .......... giving their voices to the world

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