we think we are masters of the universe

 until a volcano erupts
 and we are stuck. 
Lol! hmm ... 
Humbled !!!
HE hears mE when i pray and HE hears yOU !!!
 in real life, i see nothing funny about the situation. as the old saying goes
'we laugh to keep from crying'
so many things in life humble uS. 
pray for peace 
from the Prince of  Peace !!! 
from papa hiram

Volcanic ash relentless as new tremors rock Iceland‎ - 2 hours ago

Ash from the volcano drifted southeast towards Europe, ... Iceland's Meterological Office said tremors from the volcano had grown more intense and had ...
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(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .

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Anonymous said...

that laugh is crazy lol

children's inner city medical missions .......... giving their voices to the world

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