you need 2 basic medicines for the common cold
... always consult your doctor!

you need 2 basic medicines for the common cold - take them every 12 hours (thats twice a day .lol.)

1) Ibuprofen or Naproxen or Aspirin are anti-inflammatory medicines -take after eating * only take after eating something 
     you can also take Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

 is an antihistamine medicine

2)  Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)


*so the two main medicines 

 you need are anti-inflammatory medicines and an antihistamine medicines - take once every 12 hours !

 now the other stuff you need
*water juice (no milk or eggs)
*cough drops - try to do all natural
*prayer and meditation -

stress makes the cold take longer to get over

*chicken soup made with love - its the love that does it!

 and you can make your own and love yourself .lolooo.

it still works, because you
are telling yourself that you care about your body!

(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .


Anonymous said...

You are a little crazy Little Daddy !!! But I love you nevertheless :) Be blessed !! Siempre

papa hiirm said...

i am kinda cRaZy ! NO SLEEP .lol.
listening to children coughing, goin to homes and BIG children coughing!

I CANT SLEEP .lol. Big Coughing shakes the house !


Alberta said...

Where's the vitamin C?
My brother swears by it, taking mega dose when a cold first comes on. He rarely has a cold. My husband is just getting over a cold. I did not catch it... Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

I Takes lots of vitamin C! mainly when i drink my juices.

And YES! i correctly my links. wow, im so glad yall let me know. Super Peace! paPa hiiRM!

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