Children of North East China - the area of the floods.
 from @hiirm Twitter
Children of North East China 
#pray4 them - and all flood victims around the world.
#Peace #Grace #Hope

RT @hiirm: #hii .. Giant Panda 3D. Pray for all flood victims ... #Grace #Peace
This Is A Very Very Beautiful 3D Movie ... Giant Panda
***   3D short film created especially for mobile phones and small screens .. limited memory. Peace!
(draft - trying to re-organize 1st page and place new post .. this is a lot of work!! .lolOlollOLLLL 'vERy tRUe !!) ... support local children's medical missions .

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When are you going to post another blog ? I'm interested and following you !

Come back soon !

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children's inner city medical missions .......... giving their voices to the world

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